Our Story

Il Vizio strives to bring an unforgettable product to the communities it serves, and is committed to providing a warm inviting environment in which family's of all variety can come and reconnect while sharing an exquisite meal. Our goal is to be a leader in the restaurant industry, inspiring a new paradigm of what it means to dine out.

In the current market, there are several avenues left untapped.  Il Vizio’s main goal is to do Italian family style fine dining better than anyone else.  Within the next 5-10 years, Il Vizio has plans of building a firm home base and expanding to several locations nationwide.  With our bi-partisan target demographic, and our unique three fold marketing strategy, we are clear that we can make an impact on the current market.  In the service and product section you will find a detailed description of our commitment to customer service, and what makes Il Vizio stand apart from its competition, and why we are the true definition of what “Family Style” truly is.  

Il Vizio was formed in 2010 by Luigi Prudente, a young and ambitious man with a lifelong dream of becoming a restaurateur.  Luigi along with Chef Gilberto set out to create an entirely unique entity in the restaurant business that not only provided the best in authentic Italian cuisine, but also caused a revolution in the way Family Style dining would be viewed.  For 4.5 years, together they formed a successful restaurant, earning themselves a reputation of outstanding food, and exceptional service.  Il Vizio has 15 employees, including management, kitchen and wait staff, and is in the process of acquiring its second location.  When it comes to the restaurant business, no one knows operations more intimately than Luigi, with his unique experience further detailed in the report, Luigi has a unique and magnetic demeanor that has been a valuable asset to the success of his company.